However Beautiful the Strategy, you should Occasionally look at the Results

Sharing thoughts from another tech leader. Always good to get different perspectives and I would love to hear what my readers think about this blog. Be well. Lead on. Adam

Bits of Life of a CIO

It’s one thing to say CIOs should be more strategic, but the CIO role is shaped (and often constrained) by the business. CIOs can equip themselves to be well-rounded C-level executives and boost their acumen in competencies such as market knowledge and external customer focus, but, as many CIOs have found, if their companies don’t see them in that light, it doesn’t matter how ready and eager they are to leverage their role more strategically. Consequently, in many organizations there’s a gap between expectations and capability that limits the value of the CIO. So what are the business Strategycharacteristics (the company’s direction, business process and the leadership climate) and business regard for technology (the company’s attitude toward IT spending and how the business interacts with IT and the CIO)? Both areas combine to determine the business need for and openness toward a strategically oriented CIO.

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