Update on my Travel Goal

***Updated June 13, 2013 from blog post of June 2012***

Most of you know of my goal to visit, live or work in at least 50 countries before I turn 50. When I set the goal I remember thinking how far away I was to both 50s!! Now, not so much!! I thought I would post my list and provide an update. I’ve also posted my targets for hitting the remaining countries!

South Africa

Italy (Holiday June 2013 really enhanced experience of this country)
Czech Republic

United Kingdom (England, Scotland)

Turks and Caicos
Virgin Islands – st john, st thomas
United States

Holy See (Vatican City)

Costa Rica
Puerto Rico

Hong Kong

New Zealand


Total: 41 as of June 2013

Removed due to short length of visit:
Namibia (1999)
Zambia (1999)
United Arab Emirates (Dubai 2012)

Target 2013/14:

Dream finish:

I still won’t advertise my age but at least you know how many countries. Let me know where you think I should try to go next. Do you agree with my dream countries?

I love meeting people, learning about different cultures and, of course, eating food at great restaurants around the world. Happy to share this part of my life with you.

In global citizenship,



  1. Very impressed….My dream location (apart from long standing desire to live and work out in Canada) is St Petersburg, Russia, it looks so magical… aiming for 10 year wedding anniversary!! – Watch this space 🙂

    1. Jo – On a work note, Let’s be sure to explore Canada options as we of course have a team there and I would love to find a way to do an exchange.
      Beyond that, do target Russia and let me know what you think!! I’ve considered there as well and BA added direct flights to Moscow this year.

  2. I am pleased to report that I am now up to 42 countries, having added Turkey (Istanbul, Ephasus, Bodrum) and Greece (Athens, Aegina, Hydra, Poros) the list late in July, and Edinburgh, Scotland, late in August. I may be able or squeeze another country in this year but will likely aim to revisit a few next year instead of adding more. Stay tuned.

  3. Awesome great list and great inspirations at your blog…. I like reading them all…. Stay blessed. Jordan, israel. A must add-on to the list would suggest 🙂

    Also seeing the Taj Mahal photo, would suggest you visit the southern part of India too, particularly Kerala. Think you might like.

    1. Thanks for the comments Angel. I enjoyed the Rajasthani areas of India back in 2006: Jaipur, udaipur, etc …. I visited the palaces and stayed in Taj hotels that were fantastic. Still a lot of areas left to explore in India for sure. I would love to visit Jordan and could see going there before going to a more commercial place like Dubai.

  4. Ditto to Sunny’s comment. More Middle East locations required. Also, consider Iceland. Scotland is a day trip for you now

  5. Wow! Can I interview you about travel goal setting for our blog? I’d really like to learn more about your travels and your goal setting habits. Thanks, Eric

  6. Hi, Adam! I’m way past 50 (and you’re not close enough to even count yet!) and nowhere near 50 countries visited. So, what are your recommendations for “don’t miss” destinations? Hope all is well with you. I’m hardly qualified to suggest destinations, but Croatia is beautiful. (Nice to hear Brian Duck is so close to his goal, too. Wash U. days don’t seem that long ago!)

  7. Haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope all is well. I recommend Ecuador, Peru, and Chili.

    My list thus far, 4 more to go:

    1 USA
    2 Mexico
    3 Canada
    4 Brazil
    5 Argentina
    6 Chile
    7 Jamaica
    8 Ireland
    9 England
    10 Scotland
    11 Portugal
    12 Spain
    13 France
    14 Belgium
    15 Netherlands
    16 Germany
    17 Denmark
    18 Sweden
    19 Czech Republic
    20 Austria
    21 Italy
    22 Vatican
    23 Switzerland
    24 Turkey
    25 Greece
    26 Russia
    27 Australia
    28 New Zealand
    29 Japan
    30 South Korea
    31 China
    32 Vietnam
    33 Thailand
    34 Singapore
    35 Indonesia
    36 Romania
    37 Hungary
    38 Poland
    39 Latvia
    40 Finland
    41 Norway
    42 Panama
    43 Columbia
    44 Ecuador
    45 Peru
    46 Bolivia

    1. Impressive Brian!!! I still have a lot of Latin American countries to visit but I think they will end up in my 60 by 60 group (unless I decide to be more aggressive and go for 75 by 55. Hmmmmm ….. for now, Latin America will be difficult while I live in London. Expect lots more European countries to be added first.

  8. Amazing list Adam! Something I wish I started too. Guess it’s never too late. I’d definitely recommend checking out United Arab Emirates, in particular, Dubai and Abu Dhabhi. Great cities (and country) to visit!

    1. Sunny – I’ve wanted to visit Dubai for a while just never had an excuse. And the sense I get is it is a very expensive country. To be honest, I’m more interested in luxury in the midst of history than just luxury. So in the middle east, I’m more interested in Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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