Blackberry 10 preview

From the BlackBerry Experience launch even in London at Old Billingsgate – 30 january 2012.

So this will be my first real-time Preview blog, reviewing SOLELY based on what is presented at the launch event. I reviewed iOS and Apple devices before and have been saying for months that I am moving on from iPhones. so the question remains where will I go? I will review the actual phone next week.

Windows Phone? Blackberry? Samsung Galaxy? Would love your thoughts!

Rough thoughts on BlackBerry10 based on the launch event:

BBM video chat – yet another option to compete with Facebook but perhaps more to kill upstarts like Viber and Whatsapp. But like iPhone messenger, value limited to Coms with other blackberry users.

Blackberry flow is awesome
Great folder organising scheme
Easy integration into tasks in outlook

Great camera and photo editing will compete with Instagram. Including really cool story maker tool that takes photos, music, and editing tools to quickly make videos.

Great work on apps with Skype, whatsapp and other competitors still working.
BlackBerry World now has all apps, music and movies like iTunes.
And you don’t have to reboot after installation.
Cisco webex

By end of February tests done everywhere. US market price plans and preregistrations today. Avail in March.
Canada available in Feb 5. In UK blackBerry Z10 will be available this week. Very impressive for UK team (kudos Rob Orr) as O2, EE, Voda, car phone warehouse, and more will all launch tomorrow.

Alicia Keys as global creative director of BlackBerry? That’s a bit odd … Interesting new marketing partnership.



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      1. RE: Samsung Galaxy Note LTE:

        It is a big device (for a phone), draws on the days of a stylus and has a large array of play apps and features around manipulation of text and pictures etc…certainly not something that fits in the pocket with room to spare

      2. Hi Adam,

        Not as yet, have not even seen it “on the street”. I ended up with a replicaea Samsung Galaxy note 2 dual SIm Quad core unit from China..Works well..

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