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It is getting toward the end of another great year and I am looking to do something different than giving presents to friends and family. I continue to support my favorite organizations like Washington University, Hopewell Baptist Church, Howard Brown Health Center, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, and Cabrini Green Legal Aid. Now, however, I want to give to charities with whom I have not previously been connected. No strings or commitments, and to be clear I’m talking relatively small gifts of $100, $250, or $500 per org. Not huge by any means but I know there are small organizations out there that could use every dollar. I have no preset limit (nor minimum) on total giving as part of this year-end effort, but I hope to support several new organizations with gifts of $100, $250, or $500. While I ask NOT to be added to any lists, I am clearly looking for causes that may merit continued support. I will make all decisions and donations before the end of this year. Thus, please do not post anything after December 31.

So here are my simple rules followed by explanation of what your organization needs to do.

Easy Rules:

1) Charity must be formally registered as a United States based nonprofit charitable organization.

2) I will not support any charity that promotes or supports hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything that could be seen as such.

3) Political organizations or lobbying groups that would not qualify for tax exempt status or otherwise any groups for which my donation would not be deductible as a charitable contribution are excluded.

What you should do if interested:

1) ***OPTIONAL*** Fully follow me online by going to this link >>

2) Comment on the blog below explaining a bit about your charity and why you need support. Be sure to reference the organization’s website, Twitter handle, and/or FaceBook usernames if applicable.

3) ***OPTIONAL*** Mention in a tweet “@ALSWharton – would love for you to support [name of charity]” with a link to this blog post. Be sure to tweet from the twitter account of the charity.

That’s it. I will follow-up if more information is needed or I select your charity.

Thanks for all you do to help others. Keep up the good work!


If there is someone out there that wants to help out by making a matching contribution, let me know and I will share the candidates and selections with you. 20111123-224902.jpg

Be well! Lead On.

Adam L. Stanley

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“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”— Winston Churchill


  1. The following “Bonus” New Years Organizations are highlighted on the final holiday update for the year and were the last recipients of my personal giving this season. I wish each of you a blessed holiday season and a fantastic New Year of Changing Lives together!

    The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc
    Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago

  2. Adam,
    Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years. In lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and germs (“foreign invaders,” like the flu). Normally our immune system produces proteins called antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues (“auto” means “self”) and creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. These autoantibodies cause inflammation, pain, and damage in various parts of the body.

    I’ve seen the effect this has on a person who suffers from this disease first hand. I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy. Not only is this disease painful but it doesn’t allow the person the ability to live a normal life.

    Please consider this to be a worthwhile cause.

    Have a wonderful New Year.


  3. Hi Adam,

    I am writing on behalf of Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN). In 2012, TPAN will celebrate a Quarter Century of Service. TPAN is Chicago’s premier peer-led agency devoted exclusively to HIV/AIDS related services, one of the few organizations in Chicago delivering services to all populations impacted by HIV/AIDS. TPAN works in the neighborhoods that have been disproportionately impacted by HIV and poverty in the city, aiming to erode barriers to health care and programming for underserved populations and those at high-risk for infection.

    TPAN’s service provision structure has been developed by and for People Living with HIV/AIDS. We focus on providing education and support with those we serve to become partners in health care. As one clear example of this focus, TPAN is the publisher of the well-respected HIV/AIDS treatment journal Positively Aware (PA) — the only not-for-profit publication serving the HIV community — reaching 100,000 readers nationally per issue. Each July, TPAN also produces the Ride for AIDS Chicago®, a two-day, 200-mile bicycle ride produced by TPAN to raise funds for HIV services in the Chicago area. Since its inception nine years ago, the Ride has returned over $1-million to its partner beneficiaries via the Community Partner Program, which includes LGBT and HIV organizations throughout the city that provide HIV services–the 2011 event alone returned more than $500,000!

    A $250 or $500 donation will go a long way at TPAN and we appreciate this opportunity!

    1. TPAN | Test Positive Aware Network (Charity of the Day Dec 24)
      Be sure to visit my blog for the updated list of highlighted charities and follow me on twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to see my posts highlighting your organization throughout the day and again on Christmas.

  4. Hello Adam,
    As the Executive Director of Literacy Works (, I am excited to throw Literacy Works’ hat into the ring, and ask for your support this holiday season. As you will see below, our services touch the lives of thousands of people throughout the Chicago area each year. We are a small but mighty organization with a budget of less than $300,000 – and receive no government funding. As you can well imagine, we make every penny work for us!

    A little about Literacy Works:
    Unique in Chicago, Literacy Works remains the only member-based support and training organization for adult and family literacy programs. We work with 50 community-based agencies in over 30 neighborhoods, offering training and networking opportunities to their tutors and professional staff and unique workshops to their learners.

    Adult learners turn to community-based literacy programs to realize their goals in a setting that is familiar and responsive to their needs. Whether they are working to find a job, manage an illness, or help their children in school, the support they receive from volunteer tutors and professional instructors is critical to their success. Strong literacy services offer hope to the more than 600,000 adults in the Chicago area that struggle with low literacy and limited English proficiency.

    Each year, Literacy Works trains over 800 volunteer tutors and professional literacy staff, who in turn provide high-quality instruction to an estimated 10,000 adult learners. These individuals are gaining essential skills and building the confidence necessary to take on new challenges and contribute to their families and communities.

    Thank you for your kind consideration, Adam.

    Happiest of holiday wishes to you!
    Christine Kenny
    Executive Director

    p.s. Look for Literacy Works on Facebook.

    1. Literacy Works (Charity of the Day Dec 23)
      Be sure to visit my blog for the updated list of highlighted charities and follow me on twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to see my posts highlighting your organization throughout the day and again on Christmas.

      1. Adam, all of us at Literacy Works are truly grateful for your contribution and for spreading the word about us! What an inspiring journey you are on this holiday season! Thanks for making a difference.

  5. Hi Adam,

    I’m currently working with a non-profit called IMPACT Chicago and we would love to be considered for any support you may want to give. IMPACT Chicago is committed to ending violence and building a non-violent world in which all people can live safely and with dignity. We teach women and girls self-defense with the hope that we can provide them with the tools they need to prevent, minimize, and stop violence. With that, IMPACT Chicago is committed to making its programs accessible to people of all economic, racial/ethnic, and social groups. IMPACT Chicago encourages the personal growth of people within the organization and supports their creative efforts to end violence and build a non-violent world.

    IMPACT is based on an understanding of violence, particularly gender-based violence, as a widespread social problem perpetuated by imbalances of power and disrespect for others. There is an understanding that intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, age, national origin, and (dis)ability affect how an individual may be targeted and respond to violence.

    Our key values are that both individuals and communities are responsible for safety and violence prevention. We believe that women and girls are powerful and have the right to control their own bodies and set boundaries. We also believe that men are and can be allies. We implement out mission by creating female-male teams led by female instructors. We work with diverse groups of people–across gender, race, class, sexuality, age, and physical abilities–and create classroom environments in which people learn individually and collectively. We serve women and girls (including transgendered people identifying as female). We do outreach in various communities, offer financial assistance to individuals, and offer workshops for organizations serving low-income groups. (We’ve actually done a workshop for Teen Living Programs!) This is where a donation would come in. At the moment we have a hard time offering as much financial aid as we would like. Any amount helps another woman or girl feel safer as she moves through the world.

    Happy holidays and thank you for your consideration!

    Molly K. Norris

  6. I work for an organization in Michigan called the Judson Center. We provide services focused on providing independence for families in need, ranging from autism support to foster care to family reunification to respite care for families with severely handicapped children & adults. I work for a program within Judson Center called the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, which helps find homes for children who are in foster care. Most of these children have suffered trauma & indignities in their short lives and our goal is to help connect them with loving families who can advocate for their needs forever. We deal specifically with children who are physically & emotionally handicapped, mentally delayed, ethnic minorities & older than 8, as those tend to be the most difficult to place.

    Our organization typically runs on massive corporate donations (which have dropped by 80% in the past 5 years) and government contracts. Success in past years has given us the opportunity to grow & help a larger segment of the population, however the sharp decline in corporate donations has caused us to build new strategies for raising funds so we can continue serving as many people as we can because there is such a continuously growing need in our communities here in Michigan.

  7. Hi Everyone,

    I just found out about this project, and I think it’s a wonderful idea. As the Director of Development at Cabrini Green Legal Aid, I can attest that Adam is the kind of philanthropist we all want in our networks. He is generous personally and with his network (as this project demonstrates). He cares deeply about justice for the people our society traditionally overlooks, and he is willing to challenge himself to learn about a new cause and then get involved.

    Thank you Adam!

  8. Such great organizations in Chicago and elsewhere to support! I’m thrilled Adam is selecting a few new nonprofits to support this holiday season and helping to spread the word about all the good work happening in our community.

    If you aren’t already part of Donors Forum–the statewide association for nonprofits and grantmakers–please check out our resources to see if they can also support your organization. We provide education, capacity-building, research, and advocacy on behalf of the nonprofit sector, striving to improve the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector in Illinois. And let us know if we can be of help in supporting your work in the community.

  9. Adam,

    I heard about you through a good friend of mine, June Dayon-Bower, and she suggested I look you up! I am so thankful I did – it sounds as though you are working to create pure, positive changes in the world.

    I am a co-founder of an organization called onevillage. onevillage’s mission is to promote local community development in a global landscape through education, health, infrastructure and economic development. We believe that by listening to local residents, starting small and applying assistance and funds where needed, we can develop a model that not only creates healthy communities, but also fosters a healthy planet. One of our main local goals is to identify and empower the creation of a village hub that acts as a base for local development projects. This also allows us to connect neighboring projects together as spokes so that assistance can be shared and neighboring.

    I invite you to explore our website, learn more about onevillage, how we came to be, and what our development model is. We would be honored to have your support during this holiday season!


    Thank you,
    Sarah Lindquist

  10. Adam, you know how low-tech we are. I’m not on Twitter. One of my favorite organizations in town (if not the favorite) is A Wider Circle: I think they describe themselves best: “At A Wider Circle, we believe that if one child is in poverty, every child is in poverty. If one mother is in poverty, every mother is in poverty. That is why we provide beds, dressers, and other basic need items to families that are moving out of shelters or living in neglected neighborhoods. It is why we lead workshops in low-income schools and why we teach health and wellness classes at shelters and public housing facilities. We serve seven days a week – 365 days a year – in response to the more than 400 calls we receive each day. The causes and effects of poverty do not exist Monday through Friday, from 9:00-5:00, and neither can our effort to end it.”

    On a personal note, A Wider Circle came through for us when a dear friend of mine passed away too young and her family and friends were cleaning out her apartment. Many larger organizations didn’t have the time or the means to use my friend’s furniture, but A Wider Circle answered us promptly, arrived in good time to gather her things, and comforted us with kindness and assurances that her belongings would go to people in need. A great organization that treats those in need with dignity and gives them tools to build stronger lives for themselves.

  11. Adam:

    I hope you’ll consider Teen Living Programs(TLP) for your charitable giving this year. We especially need new supporters like you, because while the demand for our services is only increasing, financial resources are harder and harder to come by. Here in Chicago, we serve youth, ages 14-24, who are experiencing homelessness in a holistic, comprehensive way that prevents them from becoming homeless adults. We serves close to 350 young people each year through a continuum of services that includes: three residential programs—a 4-bed emergency shelter for minors, a 24-bed transitional living program, and a 10-apartment independent living program—and an after-care program. Our program model provides youth with the tools they need to succeed: employment, educational and recreational support; independent life skills training; mental and primary health care; nutrition counseling; culinary training; and after-care support. TLP also operates a street and community outreach program that reaches thousands of young people each year and a 24-hour hotline providing crisis intervention and referrals to an additional 1,200 youth each year. We also have an awesome Board of Directors that included Lashana Jackson!


    Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Thanks Mary for posting on my blog and sharing information on this fantastic charity. I have made an online contribution in your honor and selected TLP to highlight as Charity of the Day for Dec 21.Blog will be updated with your organization info at the following link >>
      Posts will go out via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the day tomorrow, Dec 21.
      Great cause. Keep up the good work.

      1. Wow Adam – thank you so much! It was so interesting to see all the worthy causes that were posted on your blog and we are just thrilled that you selected TLP to be one of the ones you are supporting this year. On behalf of everyone here – the young people we serve, our Board of Directors and staff – THANK YOU!!

  12. Adam – great idea and a wonderful approach to the true meaning of “gift giving” this time of year. My submission is for the Hole in the Wall Camps Association. As you know, I’ve witnessed first hand the great work these camps do helping kids with serious illnesses. Part of their motto is providing “a place where kids can simply be kids” and it strikes me that, since so much of the of the Holiday season is geared toward providing children with hope and love, this may fit with your goals.
    Here’s the link to their site, my contact at the Association and then a brief description of what they do:
    Kira Christie – Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
    Association of Hole in the Wall Camps
    email ;
    direct 203.571.0682 main 203.562.1203 x20

    The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps is a growing global network of innovative camps and programs that provide life-changing experiences to children with serious medical conditions, always free of charge. The goal is to extend these experiences to as many children as possible around the world.
    The camps make a lasting impact on the lives of children with serious medical conditions by giving them the opportunity to celebrate simply being a kid – to feel normal. We have learned how to support children facing serious illnesses, helping them to build independence and reduce the feelings of fear and isolation associated with their medical conditions. The programs create positive recreational experiences where children are understood and accepted.

  13. Season’s Greetings Adam,

    What a cool idea! I commend you for creatively finding new ways to support some quality organizations. You’ve also created a great platform for non-profits to connect with your readership and each other: I’m excited to check-in and see which Chicago organizations post on your site!

    We would love for you to consider supporting Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago. We continue to empower men and women, families, and students to reach their maximum potential by making quality mental health care accessible to the community. In addition to providing individual counseling to individuals, couples, and families on-site, our therapists take those services out into some of the most underesourced neighborhoods in the city and provide Social/Emotional education to students in the lowest 15 percentile in terms of their math and reading scores.

    One of our therapists worked with a couple this year that was struggling through an episode of infidelity. The ensuing anger, pain, and mistrust had pushed the marriage to the brink of divorce. When they left our offices for the last time several weeks ago, the told their therapist that without counseling, they could guarantee that they would not be married today. Yet, while we celebrated this success as a team, we are grieved that another couple walked out of our doors for the last time this week, but for a different reason: they had both lost their jobs and could not afford to continue counseling.

    We continue to see the transformative effects of counseling every day—but the biggest threat to seeing that come true for all of our clients is a lack of resources. To give you some perspective, a $100 donation provides one additional therapy session for that couple. A $200 donation provides two additional sessions. A $500 donation will ensure that that couple has the opportunity to thrive in their relationship by completing a full session-load at Cornerstone.

    Thanks for considering us Adam and for being a great advocate for the cause! You can learn more about the services Cornerstone Counseling Center offers at You can also hear testimonials from some of our clients on our youtube page: And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

    1. Brendan – Thanks so much for posting this information. Excited to hear more about the work you are doing and will consider adding my contribution to your roll for the year. I also hope that others visiting this blog and following me on Twitter will consider supporting as well. Be sure to use the links on this page to tweet out your org’s request on Twitter. Happy Holidays!

  14. The organisation I work for supports charities around the world dedicated to helping street children have better lives. We want the world to recognise that every child living and working on the street has the right to fulfil their potential and we are championing the needs of street children in the communities in which we live and work.

    Founded in 1972, Covenant House is the largest privately funded agency in the Americas helping homeless kids, providing crisis care and ongoing support at 21 facilities.

      1. You’re not mistaken, Adam. The link I provided is for one of the US charities we’re supporting, as your “rules” indicated that you wanted to support US-based organisations. We are working with a number of other charities in other regions, but all of them are helping street children have better lives.

      2. Lol!! Glad to hear. I finally got around to clicking the link and saw it was US. I suddenly thought what a coincidence! Another Gary Smith! I’ve actually selected Covenant House as the third charity I will support and will announce next Tuesday. Great cause. Thanks!

  15. I’ve known Marquis Parker since elementary school and read about your plan on his facebook page. I’m not connected to the charity I’m recommending, but its efforts are near and dear. Brighton Their World ( is a non-profit started by Brighton’s parents after he died, and their efforts support Ethiopian orphanages. I hope you’ll consider them!

    1. Thanks Amy!! Charities founded by parents who have suffered a loss like this truly does pull on my heartstrings. Such a tragedy when a young life is lost!! I will check these guys out. Be sure to use the links on this page to tweet out the org’s request on Twitter. I would love to hear from others who know about this cause. Happy Holidays!

  16. What a great idea, Adam! Best of luck choosing from among these wonderful organizations.

    My friend from college, Marquis Parker, told me about your search to expand your circle of giving. Marquis is a longtime loyal supporter of the nonprofit I founded, My New Red Shoes. Our mission is to help homeless and low-income children look and feel confident as they start the school year by providing them with new clothing and shoes and by rallying youth and adults around this effort through volunteer and educational opportunities for individuals, families, schools, corporations, and community groups.

    Since 2006, we’ve provided over 10,000 kids with clothing gift cards (so they can go back-to-school shopping with their families – an experience some have never had – and choose what they will feel most confident in). Since each child receives a $50 gift card (we purchase these at a discount from Old Navy – a store that is widely available and gives the kids to buy quite a few items during their back-to-school season sales), every donation makes a difference. We’re also a very small staff of four professionals that relies on a wide network of volunteers to make our distribution possible. I’m a volunteer and have been since founding the organization five years ago out of my garage.

    Our website is We’re small but powerful, growing like crazy, and have our sights on expanding nationally when the time comes.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours and hope to hear from you soon!

    Heather Hopkins
    Founder, My New Red Shoes

    1. Heather – What a fantastic concept. So glad to hear of people who saw a need and got to work trying to fill it! I will look you up and find out more. Also glad you are connected to Marquis, the best supporter and advocate you can have! Be well, and have a great holiday season.
      Best, Adam

    2. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for posting this information. I wanted to let you know that My New Red Shoes was the first organization I chose for this season. Just made my contribution online. While I wish to remain off of any mailing lists, I will certainly keep you guys in mind and continue to support you as possible. If you would like to tweet info out to my Twitter followers, please feel free to do so by mentioning @ALSWharton

      Best, Adam

  17. Hi Adam,
    My name is Arkey Adams and I writing on behalf of Access Living, a disability advocacy organization based in Chicago. From ensuring the education of children with developmental/cognitive disabilities to folks who are amputees as a result of chronic illnesses like diabetes; We advocate across the spectrum of disabilities. We would all like to believe that we live in a society that provides equal opportunity, Access LIving fights to make sure that this remains true for disabled people. You may not be familiar with our name, but you have most certainly seen our public accommodation work in your cities transit system. All over major cities like Chicago, you can see disabled Americans enjoying the basic dignity that comes with the opportunity and freedom ACCESS public space.

    I have personally taken up the charge of engaging & educating communities of color. Whether a personal journey with disability or caring for a relative with a disability, people of color are increasingly becoming the face of disability in this country. Below, please find a link to our site and a recent piece the Chicago tribune did with our Director Marca Bristo.

    I would love the opportunity to discuss Access Living further. Please feel free to contact me!

    Arkey Adams
    Access Living
    Outreach Volunteer

    1. Arkey – I am a BIG FAN of Daisy Feidt so definitely know about Access Living. Thanks so much for posting this information. Excited to hear more about the work you, Daisy and dozens more are doing and will consider adding a contribution to your roll for the year. I also hope that others visiting this blog will support. Happy Holidays!

  18. Hi Adam – I’m guessing that as a very small nonprofit community group that is located nowhere near you, you’re probably not going to be interested in supporting us, but I thought it was worth a try. You’ve made a very generous offer, and I’m glad that someone will benefit from your generosity.

    I’m President of Friends of the Edison Public Library, a small, all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, set up to help support the library system of Edison, NJ. Libraries are rapidly being forgotten about in this age of technology, and are having their government funding capped, reduced or eliminated all over the country. It’s easy for people like you or I to wonder whether libraries are relevant these days – surely, one can just look stuff up on Google, and books…well you can download ebooks for your Kindle, Nook or other eReader, right?

    The truth is that library use is increasing. Why? Because of the poor economy. The unemployed are using library computers and databases to create their resumes, look for jobs and apply for them (they are also making use of libraries’ newspapers in their jobsearches). Many services available to those who are on a low income have to be applied for online – that’s not helpful if you can’t afford a computer or Internet service. Families who are having to tighten the purse strings, are borrowing books instead of buying them, using library computers so they can save money by stopping their internet service, borrowing DVDs so the family can watch movies without high cable fees, and bringing their families to free library programs because they can no longer afford the high cost of entertainment.

    So our organization is their to help meet the shortfall between the funding from government, and what our library needs. We purchase books, materials and equipment (this year, for example, we were very kid-oriented; we sponsored much of our library’s Summer Reading program, including special events and prizes for participants; we purchased a Cricut machine, which effortlessly cuts out hundreds of shapes out of card for children’s craft projects; and we purchased soft building blocks for our children’s department.). We raise funds through memberships, by holding an annual book sale, and for the first time, we launched a town-wide spelling bee, which both encouraged literacy and raised funds.

    But people are cutting back on charitable donations, buying books at our booksale, and so on, so raising funds is a challenge. Hence I’m writing to you! You can find us on the web at on Facebook at and on Twitter at!/foledisonnj

    Thanking you once again for your offer of assistance,

    Graham Gudgin
    Friends of the Edison Public Librar

    1. Thanks for posting Graham. This is exactly the reason I did this. I want to find out about random charities outside of my normal circle of influence. I will check out this place and will decide within two weeks which organizations I will be supporting.

  19. HI Adam,
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to tell you about Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) and how we help people in need. C4 is a community mental health agency established in 1972 to provide treatment for men and women who were released from state psychiatric institutions. Then as now, C4 believes strongly that people recover best from mental illness, substance use or emotional trauma in the community, and not in institutions. Our agency has grown from a single site to an agency that helps more than 15,000 adults and children every year.
    In fact, more than half of the people reached by our mental services last year were children and adolescents. Nearly all of these families ( as do our adults) live in poverty: our services are a vital lifeline that help people recover from mental illness, a psychiatric crisis, addiction or the trauma of having been sexually assaulted. Many of our children are dealing with the trauma of having witnessed community violence. In the past couple of years, drastic reductions in state funding have made it much harder for us to help people who are on on Medicaid or lack private insurance ( the working poor). About 41 percent of people we help are African-American; 28 percent are Latino. Nearly all of our services are in Spanish, and we work hard to make sure our services are culturally competent. Part of our mission is to fight the stigma that exists for people with mental illness. We believe that people with mental illness can lead lives of hope, find jobs, and have good relationships.

    Many of our clients have needs not covered by our funding: many families lack money for winter coats, etc. Some clients, usually the ones with the most severe mental illness, are homeless: Donations help us provide emergency housing so they can be more stable while in treatment. Please let me know if you would like more information about any of our services. thanks again for reading!

      1. HI Adam,

        Thanks for keeping us in mind. I know that so many people are in dire need! If you need anything else from me, please let me know. You can reach me directly at 773 765.0808.



  20. Hi Adam, I’d love for you to consider supporting CAPE! Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education increases students’ academic success, critical thinking and creativity through research-based, arts driven education. We provide arts education programs and services to over 130 Chicago Public Schools, including extensive after-school programs at 7 sites. Private funding is essential for CAPE’s survival — government and/or school funds do not adequately support arts education programs. Most students in Chicago schools do not have access to arts education for more than 1/2 of the school year for one class period a week — this is not enough time to build the educated, creative and innovative workforce needed to build our economy in the 21st century. A gift to CAPE for $500 can support a child’s participate in four-days of after-school arts programming for a semester. In addition, building our network of people who care about Chicago’s students is essential.

      1. Thanks Amy for posting on my blog and sharing information on this fantastic charity. I have made an online contribution to Chicago Arts Partnership and plan to highlight as Charity of the Day for Thursday, Dec 22. On that day, blog will be updated with your organization info at the following link >>

        Posts will also go out via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the day tomorrow, Dec 22.

        Great cause. Keep up the good work. And please help me spread the spirit of giving my retweeting any of the tweets I post about this giving campaign.

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