Radical Technology Part 2 of 2: Looking Ahead

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Connections TechNotes: Future Leaders on Technology

Get to know these young leaders while discussing some of the latest trends in technology. These blarticles will cover different topics from the tech world and I hope will help other young people interested in Technology learn a bit more, be inspired, and get involved. The first two articles come from Sunny Joshi, quickly becoming a regular! Below is part 2 of 2.

Be well! Lead On.

Adam L. Stanley

Radical Technology: The Future!

I have spoken to a handful of founders of tech start-ups who idolize and take a lesson out of Apple’s book. We learn from the successes and failures of others and Steve Jobs of Apple was no exception. Jobs took a few lessons from Edwin Land’s experiences when he was envisioning products at Apple. Like Jobs and Land, every innovator has a few characteristics in common such as bending the rules, embracing failure, and a passion for what they do. I would like to share a few of the latest gadgets that innovators are developing today which will challenge and change the current standards tomorrow.


Technology: Expressive Capacitive Touch Screens
Added Value: Making the touch screen more intuitive
May Disrupt: Capacitive Touch Screens
Key Contributor(s): Mike Knuepfel
Find out more: Spike 5000


Technology: Light Field Camera
Added Value: Shoot now, focus later
May Disrupt: Conventional Digital Cameras
Key Contributor(s): Ren Ng
Find out more: Lytro


Technology: Multi-Touch Surface Interaction
Added Value: User is not limited to interacting via a monitor. Interact with almost any surface.
May Disrupt: Conventional Television, Computer Monitors, Tablets
Key Contributor(s): Pranav Mistry (Early Development), Chris Harrison (Recent Development)
Find out more: Sixth Sense (Pranav Mistry), OmniTouch (Chris Harrison)


Technology: Printed LED
Added Value: Efficient, Economical, and aesthetically appealing
May Disrupt: Fluorescent bulbs
Key Contributor(s): Neil Shotton
Find out more: NthDegree

What do you think the next big thing will be and how will it change the world?

Wishing you all the success in life,

Sunny K. Joshi
Sunny K. Joshi
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If you would like to guest blog as part of this series, please contact me via twitter, linked in, or by posting a comment on this blog. Thanks, Adam

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