Transitions: Thoughts as I leave Aon

Moving on from Aon

For many of you, my update on LinkedIn and Twitter will be the first time you are hearing of my departure from Aon. For the hundreds of amazing leaders that made up my wonderful Technology Solutions and Services (TSS) Team and for our strategic vendor partners, the change has been known for a while now. Leaving such an amazing company after a truly rewarding adventure has been incredibly difficult for me but I leave inspired by all we accomplished over the past several years. I have truly enjoyed the challenges Aon presented me and the TSS team. The opportunity to lead such an amazing group of talent has been humbling and exceedingly rewarding. I am thankful for having worked with Greg Case and his leadership team and to have been a part of the incredible progress made at Aon over the past five years. I will greatly miss my team and my many colleagues but will watch closely as the firm continues its path of success.

As I transition, I reflect on just how much we accomplished together, some of which I cannot publicly describe but truly astonishing given the fact that only 4 years ago, there was no Global Infrastructure organization.

* Having started with dozens of separate email systems managed by teams around the world, over 40,000 colleagues across all regions have now migrated to BPOS, Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite now called Office 365. These colleagues are now using Outlook to manage email and Office Communicator to chat with colleagues across the globe.

* All of heritage Aon’s offices globally have completed the migration to the new global network, uniting Aon under one network for the first time and allowing access to many of our global applications across regions.

* Over 8,000 colleagues are now using an improved, web-based, global remote access solution that provides a seamless experience around the world.

* All of our colleagues are now using our standardized Global Audio Conferencing solution, with toll-free dial in numbers available in over 40 countries.

* We have standardized organizational structures and begun the process of creating job descriptions for everyone within the TSS organization, enhancing opportunities for job sharing and cross-training, but also better supporting career conversations and talent management.

* Web conferencing with Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting are now available with a web portal to manage all colleague conferencing needs.

* The majority of our office phones (over 70% of heritage Aon) are now utilizing Voice over IP technology to place phone calls, saving money and improving options and usability.

As I transition from Aon, I will be taking time to reflect on the past few years and taking a bit of time to help out in areas I previously could not. Passionate about supporting others and ever thankful about those who have helped me through the years, I recently formed ALS Professional Services LLC. Through this organization, I am providing technology, operations and organizational strategy advisory services to non-profit, civic and governmental organizations on a pro-bono basis. I am currently working with the Chicago Public School system and also supporting technology improvements for a local charity here in Chicago.

Will I be back to Corporate soon? Most likely! It’s in my blood. Am I happy to have this opportunity to take a brief hiatus and give something back? Absolutely!!!

I want to sincerely thank each one of my TSS team members for the passion, hard work, and commitment they brought to me, to our organization, and to Aon. I know personally how much each of them feels committed to their work and how time and time again they deliver with excellence. Every day I am deeply appreciative for the incredible team that we built, proud of the work we did, and confident in a bright and successful future for each of those I am leaving behind.

TSS was to me like a long-distance relay team. Everything we did, we did as a team. We worked that way because it made us stronger. When someone got tired we propped him up. As it should be, in the end the team was strong enough for me to leave the rotation. But I’m still on the other side of the field looking on. I’m still cheering. I’m still proud of how much value you are generating. How much goodwill. How much positive energy despite the challenges.

Keep running. Keep helping each other. Keep getting stronger.



Adam L. Stanley
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Adam at Sunset

Thanks TSS. I miss you already!


  1. Hi Adam,
    It’s great to read about the next step in your journey! Enjoy it! It was wonderful working under your leadership while it lasted.

    All the best!

  2. Giving back in an active participatory role is a noble thing to do – Enjoy it! I am sure ‘corporate’ is knocking on your door in no time to have you create a new long-distance relay team!

    Your ability to create and lead a focused and cohesive team is something many companies can benefit from..

  3. Adam,
    Wish you the best in your new project and looking forward to seeing you soon in the Corporate business back again.
    Pablo and team in Buenos Aires

  4. That is one hell of a track record Adam, amazing! I look forward to “hearing” more around your next endeavors. Take care, Ton

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